As the good cat owners we are, we know that it is important to keep our cat litter clean and fresh, in order to make sure it does not smell or is prone to proliferate bacteria. How often it is advisable to swap the cat litter with a new one will depend on the quality of the litter in question, on how many cats you own and if they use the same litter box. However, you can adopt a few tips that will help your cat litter last longer. Do you want to know how? Then check the tips we have prepared for you in this post:


Buy high-quality cat litter


The first step to assure that your cat litter will last longer couldn’t be any other: it is paramount to use a high-quality product. If you intend to base your decision on a cost-benefit analysis, you can’t take only the price into account. You must also assess what kind of cat litter is more appealing to your pet, blocks odors and is not prejudicial to his health.


Keep the litter box clean


There’s a great chance that your pet will not “do his business” if he thinks the litter is not clean enough. When this happens often, it may cause your cat to develop urinary problems – you wouldn’t want that, would you?


Use it correctly


Has your pet “done his business” on the box? Then, remove the dirty litter and re-fill the box if necessary, since it is recommended to keep the box full to the correct height for your cat’s comfort. Some types of litter, such as Garfield Cat Litter, have instant clumping, which facilitates the cleaning and removal of urine/faeces from the litter, preventing you from wasting any clean/unused litter. Another essential tip to make the litter last longer is using it correctly. Hence, you must take a few precautions, such as:


– Filling the box with about 2 – 3 inches of litter, which is the correct height;

– Have a scoop at home, since it is very helpful to remove the solid clumps and keep them apart from the unused litter;

– Re-fill the box every time you clean it to prevent the clumps from sticking on the box;

– Besides, keep in mind that a cat is a very hygienical pet and he may stop using the box in case he doesn’t think it is clean enough.


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