My cat stopped using the litter box, why?! Your cat has always used a litter box properly and, all of a sudden, stopped doing so? Don’t despair – this behavior can happen for many reasons.

Where here to reassure you and help you identify why your cat changed his behavior. There are some possibilities to take into account. Curious? Keep reading and find out!

Cats appreciate cleanliness

As soon as you notice your cat is not using the litter box, the first thing to do is to double-check the box’s conditions. Cats normally refuse to use a dirty litter box, so this could be the problem.

It is recommended that you clean the litter box at least twice a day – in the mornings and evenings. Depending on the type of litter you have, you should also completely replace the litter from once a week – but if you use a clumping one like Garfield Cat Litter, you won’t need to replace the entire thing ever!

Remember to place water and food bowls far from your litter box because cats don’t like to eat or drink close to where they do their dirty business.

Territory marking is serious stuff

If you have more than one cat, it’s natural that territorial dispute might arise between them, to the pint where it can make one of them stop using the litter box entirely. This is especially  true if they are both from the same gender. To solve this, there are two possible solutions: you can use individual boxes – one for each cat – or castrate them, since cats tend to lose interest in marking territory after castration.

Check your size of your cat’s litter box

It is important to remember that litter boxes come in many different sizes. If the box is too small, your pet can experience some difficulty using it, as cats have a need to dig after they finish their business. On the other hand, if the box is too big, cats can be bothered by smells, as bigger boxes tend to accumulate more odors.

It is also essential to pay attention to the box’s height in order to see if it is suitable for your cat’s needs or negatively interferes on how your cat get in and out of the box.

Check your box placement

Another important detail to think about is where you placed the litter box. Cats really need privacy, which means that if the box is located in a spot where people routinely walk by, or even a large public area, it might be better to place it somewhere else. Cats prefer more reserved and silent places, where they would feel less vulnerable while using the litter box.

The lack of interest in the litter box could be associated with health issues

When something is wrong with your cat’s health, he might indicate this by changing his behavior. This may include the usage of the litter box. So, if you have already excluded all other factors, you should consider consulting a vet. It could be a urinary problem, like an infection, or something related to his joints, especially if the litter box is too tall. Any problem with the animal’s health could lead him to misbehave, so be alert!

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