Nobody likes to see their pet sick, right!? As if it wasn’t bad enough, there comes the time when you have to medicate your cat! This is indeed a difficult task. Pussies are highly selective and are not easily fooled by tricks, such as mixing medication with his food. Besides that, there is also the biting, the scratching – even if he has a calm temper – and the spitting that may come after you try to make him swallow his meds. Ugh! Sounds like a horror story, doesn’t it? It does, but it doesn’t have to be one! We have gathered 5 functional tips that will help you through this tough task. Check it out!

Step by step instructions on how to medicate your cat

Before starting the procedure, prepare the place and yourself for it. Pets can sense when their owners are apprehensive or nervous, therefore, try to deal with this situation calmly. In case your cat is agitated, it is recommended that you have somebody’s help while medicating him. While you hold the pussy, the other person will give him the medicine. This will make the task easier.

1.       Fetch the medication

Fetch the medication that will be given to your pet and have it within your reach, paying attention to the right dosage that must be given. In case you have pills, find out if you’ll need to break them, and do so before holding the kitten. However, if the medicine is liquid, prefer to use a syringe to make it easier to handle the dosage.

2.    Take the feline to the place where you will medicate him

This time, it is important to have a light and pleasant tone of voice to make him feel safe. Play with your kitten to help him spend his energy and prevent him from getting agitated during the procedure.

3. Place your pet on the floor

The best way to give your cat medicine without somebody else’s help is by positioning him on the floor, lying on his belly. Then, you should kneel and place him between your legs (which will immobilize him, leaving your hands free). This technique is essential to prevent any “scratching” and “biting” incidents.

4. Have the meds within your reach and hold the feline’s head facing the ceiling

The right way to hold a pill is between your thumb and forefinger (always use the hand with which you are most skilled). The same applies to the syringe. Use the other hand to hold your cat’s head firmly, keeping your thumb pressing one side of the jaw and the other fingers pressing the other side. While your pet is facing the ceiling, his jaw will open automatically. With the hand that you used to hold the pill, press down his lower canines.

5. Put the pill in your feline’s mouth

Promptly place the pill in your pet’s mouth, as deep as you can. In case you are handling a syringe, and not a pill, place the tip of the syringe inside the feline’s mouth, in the gap behind his canines.

6. Keep the cat’s mouth shut

In order to prevent your cat from spitting the pill, keep his mouth shut, using your hands, and keep his head in the normal position to facilitate the swallowing. If you are giving him pills, you can apply a little bit of olive or butter to help him swallow the medication. If the medicine is liquid, it is normal for him to spit a bit, but you should not give him another dosage.

Tip: the calmer you are, the easier the process will be. Patience is essential, and only practice makes perfect! Remember to keep the pet calm after medicating him, so that the next time will be easier.

With these tips, medicating cats should be a lot easier for both owners and felines. You can bet! Would you like to find out more interesting information about the cats? Subscribe to our newsletter and receive our posts first hand.