In order to assure your cat’s well-being, comfort and health, it is very important to adopt a few basic precautions.  Bathing them, taking them to the vet, trimming their nails and cleaning their ears are habits that cannot be forgotten.

On today’s post, we will better explain how you should proceed to clean your kitten’s ears and ensure that everything is okay on this area. Check it out:


How to clean a cat’s ears?

As you might know well, cats can be a bit naughty sometimes, which may turn cleaning their ears into a very difficult task. Therefore, it is recommended to be patient and extra careful so as to prevent them from getting stressed and experiencing this as a traumatic activity – the cleaning may be done once a month, usually after bathing them.


Use cotton

By no means should you use swab to clean your kitten’s ears. As a matter of fact, it is advisable to use cotton for this task, rubbing it around their ear lobes carefully. You must not take the cotton down to deep areas of your pet’s ears either, because this may hurt him/her. Drop an otologic solution for cats in the cotton – find the appropriate quantity of drops on the leaflet – and, then, apply the cotton gently to your pet’s ears to get them cleaned. Otologic solutions for cats can be found at the main pet shops of your town or on online pet shops.

When bathing or cleaning your cat, it is paramount to be careful not to get water or medicine in their ears. Additionally, you shouldn’t remove all of the earwax from their ear, since the earwax also has a protective function to this area.


Check if their ears smell or have any secretions

In case you notice that your kitten’s ears smell or have secretions, stop cleaning right away and make an appointment to take him/her to the vet. These symptoms could indicate that they have some sort of inflammation or infection and, therefore, a diagnosis will be required before any preventive measures are taken. The veterinarian will recommend the procedures necessary to identifying the condition and the appropriate treatment as well.  


Check if you will need to apply any medicine during the cleaning

In case you need to apply any medicine during the cleaning, because the veterinarian has found an infection in their ear or to help maintain this area clean, for instance, it is advisable to use a piece of cotton as well. Remember to always be gentle when applying the cotton on their ears so as to prevent it from hurting them.


Learn how to entertain your cat during the cleaning

If your cat has a bad temper or won’t hold still through the cleaning process, try adopting some strategies to entertain him/her. A tip would be giving them snacks or treats every time they behave well, so that they take this moment as a positive experience. Another way of turning this moment into a positive experience is by trying to calm them down. Take them in your arms and speak to them in a calming tone. Hold them firmly and be careful not to let them scratch or bite you.


We hope that these simple steps will help you keep your cat’s ears clean and free of any infections! By taking these precautions you will prevent your cat from developing otitis and hearing impairments in the future!

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