Cats are one of the world’s most popular pets: their independence and fondness to their owners win more cat lovers day by day. A common trait to all of them is their ability to adapt easily to any environment. Due to that, having a cat in an apartment is a great call. However, do all cats get along well in apartments? How do you ensure that they will get used to a smaller environment, even when they stay outside often? You can find answers to these questions and some more on today’s post. Keep reading and check our tips on how to keep a happy cat in your apartment!


Is there a breed that adapts more easily to apartments?


There is no such thing as a better breed to live in apartments. Naturally, every pet has their own personality and temper, however, all of them are adaptable to space, no matter how small, as long as they are able to “do their business”, to eat and to be entertained.

Many people believe that rescued kittens and domestic long-hair cats are less apt to adapting to this type of home. However, it is important to keep in mind that even rescued cats can live a happy life in an apartment. They only need love and care from their owners to feel good, there being no need to stay outside.


Can a cat that is used to staying outside feel comfortable in an apartment?


Yes, it is completely possible for a cat to adapt to your apartment’s coziness. If the cat has not been fixed yet, check with your veterinarian whether it is possible to have this procedure done.

Neutering/Spaying has the advantage of making your pet more friendly, among many other advantages. After a cat gets fixed, he will no longer have the urge to hunt or to look for other cats to mate.


How can you make your apartment attractive to the puss?


Yes, your apartment can be attractive enough for your cat. However, the place must have a good configuration in order to keep him entertained. Keep in mind that your apartment will be the place where they will spend all their days, so, spare no effort to make it look attractive to them. Keep the litter box in a safe and calm environment, avoiding places where people pass by frequently. Keep their food and water always fresh, distant to the place where they “do their business”, at the kitchen or at the porch, for instance. It is also important to care about your pet’s entertainment. Keep scratchers and ramps accessible to them, so they can climb to look at the street. Don’t forget to always buy new toys to stimulate and entertain them.


How to keep your apartment secure?


No matter how high your floor is: you must keep your apartment secure to prevent any accidents, since the tale about cats having 9 lives is nothing but a myth. Keep all doors and windows closed and have safety nets installed in your doors, windows and balcony whenever possible.


Having cats in an apartment is completely possible and highly recommended, since they are clean animals, demand little care and adapt easily to any environments, big or small. Regardless of his breed, what will make your cat adapt more easily to this type of home is your affection and attention to keep him fed and happy. Would you like to keep up to date with informative and interesting content about pets? Follow us on Facebook!