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DIY: 5 great toys for your cat!

Many people remember that their cats need to be cleaned and vaccinated, that they need to get affection and attention, but forget that to have a good quality of life, the cat also needs to play. Thinking about your beloved feline, and saving you some money, we prepared 5 DIY toys that you can create and have great moments playing with your pet. Check it out! 1 –      Tunnel –          3 or more cardboard boxes –          Scissors –          Tape First, you need to seal all the boxes, so there won’t be any space accessible for the cat besides the...

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Cat in heat: how to take care of female felines

If you have a female pet, you know that the period when she is in heat can be more difficult than others imagine. There is no difference with cats! Starting around 5 months old, the female cats can be in heat, in cycles that usually repeat every two months. This is a situation that pet owners who didn’t spay their animals will need to learn how to handle. If you are interested in learning how to take care of your cat in heat, keep reading our post! What is “heat cycle” and how long is it? The cat’s heat cycle...

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What to do to make my cat stop biting?

Most of the domestic cats are friendly and calm. They don’t want to bite or scratch on purpose, quite the contrary. Usually, cats put an effort to avoid it to happen. However, some cats can harm their owners. In addition to being painful, the bite can also generate infections. On today’s post, we will present some tips on how to make your cat stop biting. Keep reading to find out! Learn how to react to cat’s bites The best way to teach your cat to stop biting is learning how to react to it when it happens. For starters,...

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Siamese cat: learn more about one of the most popular breeds of the world

Holding a noble origin, a peculiar personality and an incredible beauty, the Siamese cat is today one of the most popular feline breeds around the world. Even if you are not a cat lover, you’ve probably come across a Siamese at a friend’s house or simply have heard of this breed. If you want to recall memories about a Siamese cat that is not around anymore, if you want to learn more about the breed you currently have at your home, if you are thinking about having one, or even if you are simply a cat lover, don’t miss...

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Cat litter box: a guide to keep it always clean

The cat litter box is a must have item if you share your home with one or more kittens. Its importance isn’t related only to the cat owner, that obviously wouldn’t like to see other parts of the house being used as a cat restroom, but also to the cat, who holds a strong sense of cleanliness. However, it’s not enough to buy the cat litter box only. To allow your cat to use the space comfortably and in a healthy way, it is mandatory to keep its maintenance. We will talk about it below, check it out! Why...

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