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Does your cat feel sleepy during the day and alert at night? Learn why

It’s already late at night, your house seems to be quiet, but, all of a sudden, something falls. When you go figure out what’s going on, you learn that your cat has been up to something, and, while trying to reach some higher spot, he has dropped an object. Have you ever been in a situation like that, cat sleeping through the day and alert at night? On today’s post, we will explain cat’s habits and show when kittens’ moves may be considered as nighttime hyperactivity and what can be done to handle it. Check it out:   Learn...

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Is having a cat recommended if you live in an apartment?

Cats are one of the world’s most popular pets: their independence and fondness to their owners win more cat lovers day by day. A common trait to all of them is their ability to adapt easily to any environment. Due to that, having a cat in an apartment is a great call. However, do all cats get along well in apartments? How do you ensure that they will get used to a smaller environment, even when they stay outside often? You can find answers to these questions and some more on today’s post. Keep reading and check our tips...

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Learn how to clean your cat’s ear properly with 4 simple steps

In order to assure your cat’s well-being, comfort and health, it is very important to adopt a few basic precautions.  Bathing them, taking them to the vet, trimming their nails and cleaning their ears are habits that cannot be forgotten. On today’s post, we will better explain how you should proceed to clean your kitten’s ears and ensure that everything is okay on this area. Check it out:   How to clean a cat’s ears? As you might know well, cats can be a bit naughty sometimes, which may turn cleaning their ears into a very difficult task. Therefore,...

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How to raise a cat? Learn what you should do to raise a happy cat

Aren’t cats the sweetest ones? It’s always a pleasure coming home and being welcomed by a good old rubbing against our legs, isn’t it? What about when we are waking up in the morning and they stay by our side enjoying a lazy moment? Or, when they lay down before our laptop, demanding a little bit of attention and care? If you’re also a cat lover, are contemplating adopting a cat but don’t feel ready to take care of one yet, there’s no need to worry! We have written this post so you can prepare your home and make...

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I found a stray kitten, now what do I do?

Unfortunately, finding a starving or malnourished stray kitten is a very common situation. Oftentimes, this is due to abandonment, neglect or absence of mandatory preventive actions, such as neutering/ spaying. Just to give you a glimpse of it, according to PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), there is a likelihood that from 60 to 100 million defenseless kittens may be found in the streets of the United States. In light of this, knowing what to do when you come across a kitten is of paramount importance. Thus, we have listed on this post a few steps you...

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