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Learn how to medicate your cat

Nobody likes to see their pet sick, right!? As if it wasn’t bad enough, there comes the time when you have to medicate your cat! This is indeed a difficult task. Pussies are highly selective and are not easily fooled by tricks, such as mixing medication with his food. Besides that, there is also the biting, the scratching – even if he has a calm temper – and the spitting that may come after you try to make him swallow his meds. Ugh! Sounds like a horror story, doesn’t it? It does, but it doesn’t have to be one!...

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Tips on how to make your cat litter last longer

As the good cat owners we are, we know that it is important to keep our cat litter clean and fresh, in order to make sure it does not smell or is prone to proliferate bacteria. How often it is advisable to swap the cat litter with a new one will depend on the quality of the litter in question, on how many cats you own and if they use the same litter box. However, you can adopt a few tips that will help your cat litter last longer. Do you want to know how? Then check the tips...

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Cat in heat: learn how to take care of the female cats

If you have a female pet, keep in mind that the heat cycle can be more difficult than you think. When it comes to cats, it isn’t any different! From 5 months of age on, they can already come into heat, and this cycle can repeat every two months. It is a kind of situation that spayed pet owners don’t have to deal with. If you are interested in the subject and would like to learn how to take care of your cat in heat, keep reading!   What’s the estrus cycle and how long does it last?  ...

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Why do cats purr? Now you’ll know

Have you ever come near a cat and noticed him making a different noise, which sounds just like a little engine running? Have you also noticed that they usually make that noise when they rub against you? Cat purring astounds many people since they aren’t sure if it is a natural display of affection or a breathing problem. On today’s post, you will learn why cats purr, how this sound is produced, what it means and when you should worry. Why do cats purr? Purring, just like meowing, is a way for pets to express themselves. This form of...

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Myths and true facts: can cats drink milk?

Answer quickly: besides cows, which other animals are most frequently associated with milk on cartoons, advertising, movies and children’s stories? If you thought of cats, you got it right. It is not unusual to see cat lovers sighing while looking at pictures of a kitten drinking milk. But what’s behind this common association, after all? Can cats really drink milk or this beverage is somehow prejudicial to their health? Check out some myths and true facts about the subject on today’s post and get answers for all your questions!   “Although adult cats don’t need milk, kittens must be...

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