Cats are very peculiar pets and their traits may become a source of entertainment to those who spend time watching them. These imposing creatures draw our attention and it is difficult to resist their charms! Those who have a cat at home have already realized that pussies have distinguished habits and kinks. Next, you will get to know 5 interesting cat behaviors and learn more about your buddy. Check it out! 


1. Kneading paws

Isn’t it just adorable when cats knead their paws? This behavior, referred to as “milk-treading”, is a trait taught by the kittens’ mothers when nursing and it is meant to stimulate milk production and ensure their nutrition. Kittens usually knead their paws when they feel safe, thus, if your kitten does that, it means that he is very fond of you.


2. Purring

Kittens have a lovely way to show that they are enjoying being petted: they purr. Usually, when a cat purrs, it means that he is comfortable and ready to establish physical contact. However, kittens may also purr when they are stressed or in pain. This kind of behavior is meant to calm them down. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to your pet so as to learn when he is feeling happy or ill.


3. Distinct meowing sounds

Meowing is an important part to a cat’s behavior since it is this way that your buddy attempts to communicate with you. Cats are able to make distinct meowing sounds, which, when associated with body language, may prove helpful in dangerous situations. When your cat gives a long and loud meow, it is critical to locate him and assure that he is okay.  On the other hand, when the meowing sound is at a regular tone and duration, your kitten is simply communicating with you in a friendly way. The key to understanding them is regularly checking whether their food and water bows are full, whether their litter box is dirty, and whether they are hurt. In case everything is fine, they may just be trying to catch your attention to be petted.


4. Just watching you

Have you ever caught your cat “just watching you” and not wanting to be disturbed? You must keep in mind that this kind of behavior is very common among cats. They love watching their owners since this is their learning resource. This way, they get to know your habits and get more comfortable around you day by day. Thus, do not get surprised if you find your cat following you as you walk around your home or lying on the floor to see what you’re up to.


5. Waking you up in the middle of the night

Most cat owners have already had to deal – or have to deal on a daily basis – with this curious cat behavior: starting a meowing session in the middle of the night. Cats are nocturnal animals by nature, so, no wonder your kitten will usually rather sleep during the day and stay more active at night or by the dawn. Given that, your sleep time is just the time when your kitten will like to play, eat and interact with you. In order to prevent this behavior from getting in the way of your sleep, it is recommended to follow a few tips.

If the kitten always wakes you up to ask for food, keep their food bowl full so that he will have easy access to their food throughout the night. Have the habit of interacting with your pet during the day, by playing with them and petting them. This way, rather than sleep during the day and stay active at night, they will be tired when you’re off to sleep.

By no means should you hit or yell at your pet – keep in mind that all they want is a bit of attention. If they insist, keep the bedroom door shut until they learn it is bedtime.

Now that you’ve learned more about your cat’s behavior it will be easier to understand them and give all the attention they need. What type of curious behavior does your cat have? Share it with us by leaving a comment!